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I'm Mai Ben-Atar the founder of PALOMA. My journey into the world of fashion started early in life. My grandmother had a dream of becoming a fashion designer in her youth, but she had to put it aside to support her family. She passed on her love for fashion to me, teaching me to sew, bead, embroider, and draw. It was through her guidance that my love for fashion began, eventually leading me to complete my formal studies in fashion design at the Shenkar Institution.

Paloma is a brand that comes from my deep affection for fashion and my personal experiences, including challenges related to my facial appearance. Throughout it all, fashion has been my way of maintaining personal confidence.

At the heart of PALOMA is the desire to empower women to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin and clothing. I've worked to create versatile pieces suitable for every season, using high-quality fabrics, timeless neutral colors, and cuts that flatter the female form.

Additionally, we're committed to being eco-conscious by releasing collections in small, carefully curated capsules to minimize our environmental impact.I'm truly grateful that you've chosen to be part of my journey, and I'm always here for you.

With love, Mai.

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